Thursday, July 28, 2011

Friday Find

Stenciled wood headboard, this would be super easy to do and what a fun project.

I love this little dresser for a child's room, so much personality in this little piece.

Love everything about this last picture - the colors, the white chairs, and of course, the simplicity of the stencil work on it.

Not your momma's stenciling.... Well, since Michalann did a post about stenciling last week, I decided to continue it and show the furniture side of stenciling. I remember when the "country decor" was really popular and just about everyone I knew had a least some kind of furniture that had an apple stenciled on it. Well, stenciling on furniture has come a long way, hasn't it?! I found this website that offers a ton of stenciling options , and I fell in love with some of the Moroccan stencils. I love them so much that I am seriously thinking of stenciling the back of my entertainment center wall of the bookcases. I just recently painted the inside a pale blue color and now I think I would love to de-clutter the bookcases and add only simple accents, then add a stencil to just the back of the wall units. Leave me a comment and tell me what you think. (sorry not the best photo but would love to hear some feedback)

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  1. Yes! I like that idea, I think that would be super cute. I want to see the before and after.