Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Graffiti Dresser Before and After

So, I always give my pieces a name - usually I call them what they are going to be, for example, "the turquoise dresser," or "the chalkboard dresser". This one is simply "the graffiti dresser" . I found it at a garage sale - it was in great condition but the owners were selling it because their teenage daughters had covered it with marker and "Twilight" stickers (seriously???!!!)

I had a client who wanted it painted in my favorite shade of green, so we got to work on it. I gave it a good cleaning and found the biggest stash yet inside one of the drawers - CD's, a huge jewelry box full of jewelry, books, notes, etc. SCORE!!! Just kidding. Luckily for them, I remembered where they lived, and was able to return everything. (Note to self: check all drawers before getting rid of anything!) I also left them one of our business cards just in case they have any other furniture that needs a makeover :)

I didn't bother trying to get the marker off since I knew I was going to paint right over it. Our client wanted a distressed look with a little "wood" showing through, so I used a brown primer. It took several coats to cover up all the marker.

Here's the final product: I love how it turned out, and I love the vintage hardware we used in place of the knobs!

We also finished this lovely banker's desk for the same client - unfortunately I don't have a before picture.

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