Monday, June 13, 2011

How to Paint a Mirror

We didn't take a ton of pictures during the process, but it was fairly easy to transform this mirror from brown to silver. Here is how we did it:

1. Lightly sand entire mirror using a 220-grit or higher sandpaper.
2. Clean entire surface with mild soap and water, dry.
3. Cover mirror with paper/plastic/and tape so that it won't get painted on.
4. Prime the frame - we used Kilz in a spray can.
5. After primer has dried, repeat steps 1-2, this time using 400-grit sand paper.
6. Next, to get the silver look, we gave it several coats of Rustoleum's metallic silver spray paint.
7. After that dried, we brushed on some antiquing glaze made by Valspar, then rubbed most of it off with a clean, lint-free cloth. This adds dimension to the color.
8. Spray finished surface with several coats of clear protective coat.
9. Remove tape and paper, and see how beautiful your new mirror looks!

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